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    We inspire individuals the art of entrepreneurship to build more vibrant and sustainable communities 

    Your venture will be more successful and you will be a better manager/owner!

    Entrepreneurship is a lifetime affair, so we offer education, mentoring and a community of seasoned and aspiring entrepreneurs to support you throughout the life of your current and future ventures

    If you are an educator or are running an existing entrepreneurship group, we can support you by creating a special community inside Koyoti:  Your members, your content, your curation Plus: the added value of access to our content and other groups

    We’re focused on visually delivering 3 things: Education,  Mentoring and a  Community of seasoned and aspiring entrepreneurs…here’s how they work

    #1: Education – We make you and your venture more successful by teaching  entrepreneurship through a modular approach.  These modules can be flexibly assembled to provide a tailored educational experience,

    –You have a choice: We offer both a classroom experience at either your office or our location…or simply study the modules in our short videos

    –For educators: we offer curriculum and teach-the-teacher training sessions that show you how to teach entrepreneurship in your classroom.  The curriculum is easily grafted onto any curriculum to make learning fun.

    #2: Mentoring – To support you over time, we offer:

    -Personalized answers to your questions,

    -Videos created by seasoned entrepreneurs to assist you in running your venture,

    -Local, periodic meetings/salons to meet other entrepreneurs

    -Semiannual retreats

    #3: Community

    –Read (and watch) our blog made by aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs!

    –Submit or review other entrepreneur’s pitch videos